OUr MIssion

Our Mission is to get as many people as possible to become totally committed to    Jesus Christ!!

OUr history

  •         1894:  A Baptist church was organized in Soddy, Tennessee
  •         1906 – 1908: A second Baptist church was formed, partly by members of the original church. The first pastor was Reverend W. B. Harding. 
  •         1916: The church disbanded and sold their building, but it was agreed that the proceeds would go towards establishing a new place of worship.
  •         1922: These two churches came together along with several newcomers to the area. Reverend J. A. Hudlow was the first Pastor.
  •         1924: Present lot purchased
  •         1928: Old building torn down and a new tabernacle built
  •         1931: Name changed from Soddy Missionary Baptist Church to Tabernacle Baptist Church
  •         1934: Name changed to Oak Street Baptist Church, basement of our present building was completed, and the congregation moved into it for their first service on the first Sunday of June 1934.
  •         1941: Church building was dedicated free of debt, Sunday schools in basement remodeled and pastorium built.
  •         1950: Drinking fountains were installed, new pews were purchased, two inside restrooms were installed, three new classrooms were added, a church office was established, a porch was added to the pastorium, sidewalks were laid and a wall built around the church property. The church also put into place a rotating system of deacons and financial budget system was instituted.
  •         1957: Educational building added and new organ purchased
  •         1961: A community kindergarten was sponsored by the church
  •         1970: Additional property purchased adjacent to the church, library organized, and Bus ministry started.
  •         1979: The current building was renovated and dedicated in June 1979

Our Beliefs

We are a Southern Baptist body of believers who adhere to the Baptist Faith & Message 2000. To learn more click on the picture to be redirected to the Southern Baptist Convention website which provides detailed information on our specific beliefs.