ChuRCH Center

Church Center is our online and smart phone portal for our church family. With Church Center, we have a place to connect to one another through our online directory and view events on our church calendar. 


Church Center can be accessed through either our web portal or through the mobile app. Below are instructions on setting up and using the Church Center app on your smart phone.

  • 1. Search your app store for “Church Center” or go to the Android or iPhone app link. You can also scan the below QR code:

    2.  Download and install the app.

    3. Run the app and click on “Get Started.”

    4. Allow Church Center to find our church. To do so, either:

    • Allow it to access your location & click “Oak Street Baptist Church Soddy-Daisy, TN”


    • Search for our church by entering “Oak Street Baptist Church Soddy-Daisy, TN” and use the zip code “37379."

    5. Click on the Oak Street church logo and select “This is my church.” 

    6. Enter your phone number. Use the phone number you have provided us for the church directory (This number should allow text messaging). 

    7. Church Center will text you a login code. Enter the login code in the app to continue to set up your password.

    8. Click on your user profile to log in. You may optionally set up fingerprint scanning to login faster.

    That’s it! You are all set up. From this point on, you should be logged in and you won’t need to perform these steps again

  • 1. We have set up several features for Oak Street within Church Center, and there are possibly more to come. Most features are found using the bottom navigation menu bar.


    2. Main Functions

    • Me: provides your profile information
    • Home: provides our basic church information
    • Directory: View our church directory
    • Calendar: View upcoming events and services
    • Account (the top-right of the screen): View/Update your information
  • 1.Click on your photo or initials at the top-right corner of the screen to go into the “Account” screen.

    2. To update your personal information, click on your name/photo at the top. This will take you to the “Edit Profile” screen. Click on each item to modify it. When done, click the Update link at the top-right of the screen.

    3. You may also update your personal photo from here. Click on the existing photo or the “Update Photo” link (at the top of the “Edit Profile” screen). Then upload a photo from your device.

    4. For heads of households: to update your household information, from the Account screen, click on the photos or initials under the “My Household” section. It will take you to a listing of your household members. Click on each member of your household to update their information. Just like updating your own information, click on each item to edit it, then make sure to click the “Update” link at the top-right of the screen.

    Note: if you need to add or remove a household member, please contact your church center administrator. They will be happy to help you out

  • 1. In order to access the Directory feature of Church Center, you must first be invited.     

    2. Invitations are only sent through email, and only through the primary email address we have on file for you.

    3. Make sure to update your primary email address and your family members’ primary email addresses using the steps above.

    4. Once you receive an invite to the Oak Street Directory, click on the link in the email and it will ask you to log into Church Center. Use the login you set up when you downloaded the app.

    5. To choose what information to share on the church directory, go to Church Center, click on your icon or photo, and click on “Profile”.

    6. In the Profile page, click on “My Directory Settings”. If you do not see this option, you have not yet been invited to the church directory. Please contact your church center administrator to request an invite.

    7. There are options under “Directory Settings” for both your personal information and your household members’ information (if you are part of a household). Check each box to allow the directory to include that piece of information.

    8. When ready, click the “Update profile” button at the bottom right of the page to save your settings and update the church directory.

    9. To view your information and find others in the directory, click the “Directory” link within the app.